I have began doing detailed trip reports on many of my photo tours. On the trip reports, I am only sharing photos actually captured during the actual photo tour. I think this gives you a better feel as to what the photo opportunities and actual itinerary area really like. To find out what photo tours we are actually offering, visit Alaska Photo Tours.

Bear and Whale 2022
July, 2022  |  Inside Passage, Alaska.

Bear / Whale Trip Report, Trip 1, 2022

I think these trips reports are helpful at giving folks a real feel for what we actually see on one of my photo tours. All these photos (except one as noted) were captured on my actual Alaska Bear and Whale Photo Tour...

Kenai Fjords Trip 1
May, 2022  |  Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park Trip Report Trip 1, May/June 2022

Since I have been a full time professional photographer who has done a number of assignments in Kenai Fjords National Park, I can put together marketing materials of images that would look very impressive, but wouldn’t be obtainable in just one week...

Katmai Trip Report
August, 2021  |  Katmai National Park, Alaska.

Katmai Trip Report

This is a detailed report from our 2021 Katmai Bear Photo Tour in Alaska. By the way, all these photos were captured during the actual trip - I didn't stack it with images from the past with one exception that is noted...

Alaska Bear and Whale Trip Report, Trip 2
July, 2021  |  Southeast Alaska

Bear / Whale Trip Report, Trip 2, 2021

If you read the trip report for Bear and Whale Trip 1, you know it was fantastic. So now I immediately begin to worry if Trip 2 can live up to its predecessor...

Alaska Bear and Whale Trip Report, Trip 1
July, 2021  |  Southeast Alaska

Bear / Whale Trip Report, Trip 1, 2021

I have been doing two of these trips Alaska Bear and Whale Photo Tours each summer for a long time now - I should count up how many I have led, but it's lots...

Anan / Wrangell Alaska Trip Report
August, 2021  |  Wrangell, Alaska

Anan / Wrangell Alaska Photo Tour

This Anan / Wrangell Alaska Bear and Landscape photo tour is going to become an annual event for me. I thought I would do a detailed trip report from our 2021 photo tour to give a great overview as to what this trip is all about...

Kenai Fjords Trip Report
June, 2021  |  Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.

I have offered a Kenai Fjords Photo Tour in the past, however this is a completely revised and improved version that includes trains, helicopters and an adventure into Bear Glacier Lagoon. It is such a treat to be doing a photo tour in my backyard where I have spent some 30 years exploring and photographing...